Hi Tech Organic Cleaners offers special cleaning services for your hard-to-clean clothing.

Do you have a leather, suede or fur coat that needs a little attention? Our wet cleaning professionals are experienced in difficult materials that many wet cleaners are unequipped to handle. We know you will be impressed with the end result!

Suede & Leather

Suede and leather are often two of the most difficult materials to clean. Both suede and leather have very special ways to cure the material. Improper laundering can remove these products, thus losing the original quality of the garment. Hi Tech Organic Cleaners provide cleaning services for many forms of suede and leather, such as jackets, coats, pants and skirts. Our special suede and leather cleaning professionals will restore your items to a like-new condition!


Hi Tech Organic Cleaners uses professionals who specialize in the cleaning of fur items.  Be sure to clean your fur items regularly to keep them lustrous and beautiful. Come visit us today to have your special care items cleaned properly!