Handbag(Purse) Cleaning

       Hi Tech Organic Cleaners is proud to offer cleaning and restoration of your favorite designer handbags and purses.

Whether the material is fabric, suede or leather, each bag we receive is carefully hand cleaned and refinished to its original beauty.

We have extensive experience with a wide array of designer bags including Be & D, Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, Coach, Gucci, Hermes, Longchamp, Prada, Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tods and Yves St. Laurent.

Many of these boutiques refer their clients to our handbag service.

Fabric Handbags

Fabric handbags are carefully hand cleaned and a stain protectant (DuPont Teflon or Scotchgard) is applied at no additional charge to help protect your investment.

Suede Handbags

Every suede handbag is evaluated to determine which one of our cleaning processes is best suited for that particular type of skin. Oils and colors are restored to the bags after hand cleaning to make the appearance look as rich as the day you brought it home. For best results, suede handbags should be cleaned when they are light to moderately soiled.

Leather Handbags

Each leather handbag is hand cleaned, paying special attention to hard to remove stains. An advantage to using Hi Tech Organic Cleaners on leather handbags is that we have been cleaning suede and leather in house for more than 20 years (no wholesalers). This gives us the expertise to master mix colors to camouflage stains which may be impossible to remove while retaining the original look and feel of the skin. Although this technique is a very time consuming process, it gives Hi Tech Organic Cleaners the ability to rescue a handbag that may otherwise be a lost cause.

Crocodile Handbags

The investment in a fine crocodile handbag can easily run into five figures. These special pieces require the very highest level of skill and craftsmanship to give them the proper care. We have a track record of handling these rarest and most valuable bags from the collections of every major designer. Don't trust these prized possessions with just anyone - let the experts at Hi Tech Organic Cleaners work their magic!

For Best Results

Attempt to have your handbag cleaned when it is light or moderately soiled. Waiting until the handbag is heavily soiled reduces the chances for the best possible results. Regular care will keep that prized purse positively picture perfect!